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Malay and Javanese Loanwords in Malagasy, Tagalog and Siraya ...
There are some 35 Sanskrit loanwords in Malagasy. They must have been borrowed indirectly via Malay or Javanese, for the following two reasons.

Loanwords in the World's Languages: A Comparative Handbook ...
This database ( allows the authors to make empirically . semantic, and phonological typology, as well as Malay/Indonesian and other .

Indo-Sanskrit loan-words in Malay - Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg ...
Title, Indo-Sanskrit loan-words in Malay / by Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg. 1st ed. Heritage of Malay language ; 3. Call Number, 499.23024912 BEG .

Loan-Words in Indonesian and Malay: Russell Jones -
This is a dictionary of 20,000 loan-words in Indonesian and Malay, deriving from Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, English, .

List of Malay loanwords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Malay language has many loanwords from Sanskrit, Persian, Tamil/Telugu, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Dutch, certain Chinese dialects and more recently, .

Malay Words of Sanskrit Origin - ??? Veda
The Malay language is almost completely derived from Sanskrit, and the . Sanskrit Loan Words in Indonesian / Malaysian, Maintained by Doug Cooper at .

loanword (linguistics) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
As a result of these contact influences, Sanskrit loanwords entered Malay and Javanese in large numbers. Many Philippine languages also contain substantial .

Extension/shift of meaning of Sanskrit loanwords in Bahasa Malaysia
Oct 2, 2011 . INTRODUCTION When a language comes into contact with another language, usually through trades, colonisation and migration, language .

loanwords as social history « a historian's craft
Apr 8, 2009 . Loanwords, by their nature, can often be strong evidence of sustained . The Malay-Indonesian word for 'three', tiga, is from the Sanskrit trika, .

WOLD - Word: fàsika - World Loanword Database - Living Sources
Information about Malay and Javanese loanwords is based on Adelaar (1989, 1995a, . The present inventory of Sanskrit loanwords is based on Dahl (1951), .

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East Barito: Who Were the Malayo-Polynesian Migrants to ...
Malay and Javanese were also the vehicular languages for the Sanskrit vocabulary in Malagasy. Thus, none of the Sanskrit loanwords support the assumption .

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Considering the rather not insignificant number of Sanskrit (and Hindustani) loanwords in Malay, one might have been impelled to examine this aspect of the .

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25, and the Cebuano-Bisayan, only 18. III. The Sanskrit Loan-words in the Cebuano-Bisayan Lan guage. A. Terms in Commerce: 1 . a. Skt. Jav. Malay. C. Bis.

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Morphological Assimilation of Borrowings in ... - SIL International
morphological assimilation of its numerous borrowings from Sanskrit, Malay, Chinese, Spanish,. English, etc. The following aspects will be examined: .

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List of Tagalog loanwords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The influence of the Spanish, Nahuatl, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, English, Chinese, . Some linguists claim that borrowings from Malay and Chamorro cannot be .

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List of loan words in Indonesian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vice versa, words of Malay-Indonesian origin also has been borrowed into . Examples are the early Sanskrit borrowings probably in the Srivijaya period, the .

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The Dutch word laat - Cambridge Journals
nowadays Malay is being continually enriched by new words there can be no . provide new Sanskrit loan-words and almost all the dictionaries of. Indonesian .

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Professional Javanese translation services
Apart from Sanskrit, loan words from Malay, Arabic and Dutch are also used in Javanese. Get instant Javanese translation quote from the left menu! Tomedes .

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language contact - Southeast Asian Linguistics Archives
DJVU PDF Thurgood, G. and Li, F. 2007, "From Malay to Sinitic: the restructuring of . DJVU PDF Jacob, J.M. 1993, "Sanskrit loanwords in Pre-Angkor Khmer", .

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